This Is It - Enlightenment With CYoga

This Is It - Enlightenment With CYoga
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Friday, 26 August 2011

CYoga December - Eco Basata, Egypt 06/12/11 – 13/12/11 – Experience Enlightenment!

CYoga December - Eco Basata, Egypt 06/12/11 – 13/12/11 – Experience Enlightenment!

Author of Indispensable Yoga Guide “This Is It: Enlightenment With Cyoga” and CYoga Founder is hosting this amazing and magical experience at Basata, Egypt (“Paradise on Earth”).
This is the Red Sea Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

You shall experience deep individual attention and expertise from a world renowned “yogi” and the bliss one of the most idyllic and breathtaking spots in the world, Basata is one of Egypt’s first Eco-lodges. The name itself, translated as ‘simplicity’ from Arabic, and personifies CYoga (This Is It!). This meditative space of the CYoga allows deep insight from within to anyone

This holiday is held at the Basata Eco-Resort between Nuweiba and Taba on the Red Sea coast. The backdrop of the Sinai desert is the perfect environment for CYoga, while the turquoise waters of the Red Sea is associated with spirituality!.

The resort is a family-run community with clean, comfortable accommodation, friendly staff and locally produced food. Accommodation is be in purpose-built chalets with en-suite facilities and electricity or, if you prefer something simpler, there are a limited number of beach huts and camping pitches available.

CYoga Basata highlights: CYoga:, peace; relaxation; magnificent white sand beach and coral reefs, the Sinai, the Red Sea; see worthy St. Catherine’s monastery……...


Accommodation on a share basis with fellow CYoga bookers  in a chalet with a patio overlooking the beach and the Red Sea;

all CYoga tuition; peace and fun!

understand, trust and joy one('s self)

Single huts could be available at same price or bring your own tent, or if you wish sleep with no tent and just use a blanket on the ground while watching the stars.

Please state your preferred accommodation when making your booking. As we have a limited number of chalets reserved for the retreat, they will be allocated on a first-booked basis with 2 - 3 people sharing each unit.

Price –

£560 excl. flights.

A non-refundable deposit of £255 is required on booking to secure your place. Subject to availability.

Payment in full is required 6 weeks before the start of the holiday.

You will be sent an automatic reminder 6 weeks before. Payment can be by cheque or bank transfer.


Morning CYoga of 3 hours.
1st Hour is optional and the chance to experience CYoga Martial including qigong/ energy work annd tai chi.

The next 1 1/2 – 2 hours are asana/ pranayama/ meditation centered. This class is strong, organic and beautiful to be part of and observe. Work flexibility and strength with acumen and grace…The importance of this moment in (i)understanding CYoga is seen


Evening CYoga of around 2 hours. Involves Asana/ pranayama/ (silent) meditation/ discussion topics.

Dinner follows. Nightly communal (vegetarian or fish) meal.

Night Dancing is a free optional extra. Should be compulsory!


CYoga works in a variety of styles. This shows the essence of yoga which is beyond style. CYoga can involve; yoga asanas; meditation, breathwork (pranayama); pilates; t'ai chi; martial artistry; voice and dance work. This allows one to be all abilities. This is it.

This is an excellent foundation to CYoga Qualifications as all CYoga Sessions embrace the teacher within.

This is transmission of the CYoga essence. If one understands/ is the essence of CYoga the asana/ position is always perfect.

This holiday is suitable for all levels from beginner to teachers. Everyone enjoys experienced guidance and support throughout sessions.

CYoga Bodywork Session-

Available at the CYoga Holiday rate of 40 Euros for 1 hour.

This is a holistic treatment done on a firm futon or mat on the floor with the receiver dressed in light clothes.
CYoga Bodywork is holistic and involves acupressure, Yoga, reflexology, physiotherapy, meditation, energy work, chiropractic and Ayurveda. Hands, feet and elbows apply pressure on energetic points, in combination with gentle stretching and applied yoga. This allows the body's natural healing ability.

This is a graceful treatment and beautiful to have.
Many have mentioned the amazing healing ability of Catherine’s hands and presence – this is a prime chance to experience this. Catherine shares how this is available to anyone.


There is a  “cooking corner” where you can prepare your own meal or make tea any time you wish. There is  also a small bakery that produces fresh bread and feta pockets every morning as well as pizza around noon time.

You, yourself record what food or drinks you consume on a piece of paper provided to you upon check-in. Basta trusts that you will
be honest in recording these purchases.

Dinner alternates between fish and vegetarian dishes each day. You also have the option of cooking your own dinner. During dinner time, everyone sits amongst each other.

Food is approximately £11 a day. Depends on what/ how much you eat!


There is opportunity to take a camel trip into the desert, visit the coloured canyon, pay a visit to St Catherine's monastery (yippee!) and Mount Sinai, or to simply relax…..

space for excursions, CYoga Bodywork, relaxation and nothingness……..

Meditation, CYoga, CYoga tai chi, CYoga Capoiera, Swimming…….


Located between two small mountains on a serene and protected bay, Basata has one of the white sand beaches in the area.  There are magnificent coral reefs on either side of the bay with coral patches inside and a coral wall enclosing it.  There is no particular place one has to swim to in order to snorkel, as the entire bay is teeming with unusual marine life and colourful coral (cc – yippee). 


Basata is one of the best places in the Sinai to arrange a camel or jeep safari, an incredible way to experience the pristine and remote areas of the Sinai with the Bedouins.  Trips through the desert, mountains, canyons, oases and wadis (valleys) are arranged with reliable Bedouin guides and can last anywhere from a single day to a few weeks. Basata can arrange a preplanned trips or you can customize your own. 

volleyball, boattrip, Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Scrabble, night beach campfire, trekking, the Library, free space
nig trip!


If you opt to pay just the deposit at the time of booking, you will be sent an automatic reminder 6 weeks before the event for the remainder. Approximately 6 weeks before we will also email you comprehensive information with directions to the venue, what to bring with you (yoga mat), towels, soap…….


Flights and Insurance are not included in Price.

Basata is 30 minutes from Taba Airport.

Flights from overseas should be booked to and from Sharm-el-Sheikh or Taba airports. You should aim to arrive on or before Saturday 5th December, and depart on or after Monday y 12th December. If you wish to extend your stay at Basata either before of after the retreat, email Basata to check accommodation availability. If you wish to spend some extra time visiting other sites in Egypt, you may prefer to fly to and from Cairo instead.

To find and compare scheduled flights from any European destination, visit

Direct scheduled flights between Sharm & the U.K. are available with:
British Airways
Thomas Cook

Direct flights between Cairo and the U.K. are available with:
British Airways
Egypt Air
British Midland

To find charter flights to Sharm or Taba, visit:

Airport Transfers
These can be arranged directly with the staff at Basata, once you have booked your flights (note prices are in Egyptian Pounds LE - exchange rate is approx LE9 = £1). The cost is as follows:

Number of people000000Traveling From

Transfer times are approximately as follows:

Sharm airport - 2 hours
Taba airport - 30 minutes
Cairo airport - the travel time from Cairo is about 5 hours by car or 6-7 hours by bus, or you can catch an internal flight to Sharm which takes about an hour. We may be able to arrange a car-share with others traveling from Cairo, but this cannot be guaranteed. Send an email if you are considering this option and have any questions.

You may wish to take out some travel insurance if you don't have a policy already. An annual policy is much better value than single-trip cover, and will also cover you for short trips within the UK/Ireland as well as other overseas trips. The following company provides flexible, high-quality cover at a competitive price:
Atlas Insurance

A passport with at least six months remaining is required. If you are flying to Sharm or Taba and will not be traveling outside the Sinai area, no visa is required. If you are flying via Cairo, a tourist visa stamp may be purchased on arrival at Cairo airport at a cost of £10/€15/$15

Contact CYoga if wanting to be on the same flights/ transfers of fellow Ceers.

peace and love – Sea CYoga = perfection

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